That's it! _Вот и всё!_ (09.05.11.)

The weather on November 9, 2019, was perfect. The sky was blue. A light wind blew. I sat alone on a bench in the park. I was lost, I needed somebody...
It was raining when I went the road. I came into the bar and sat near a window. There was a dark. And then the door opened and a young woman came in. I looked at her and I realized what it was love at first sight.
She sat at the table and unbuttoned her own overcoat. I looked first to the left and then to the right and I decided to step up to her.
The young woman looked at me and showed on a chair. I smiled and sat at the table. She was pretty, really pretty. I looked, how she drank her coffee and then I told
«Hello», she said.
«My name is Frank, I'm thirty-eight, and you?», I said.
«I am is Haly and I'm twenty-six years old», she answered.
«I'm glad to meet you», I said.
«I'm so glad too», she said and smiled.
Then I was sad, because she was married, but I don't wanted lose her. At that evening we said a lot of words each other.
It was so late and we have gone out. I took her hand and told
«How about to meet in the park, tomorrow?»
«Oh, it's a great pity, I can't because, I arrive in another city», she said.
I saw, what she wanted stay, but she made choose, already.
«Do you know how much I'll miss you?», I asked her.
«I'll miss you, too. Maybe, I'll write you as soon as I arrive in London», she said.
«I hope I see you again!», I said and hug her.
«I can't promise you it», she said.
We was sad...I told myself
«It's wrong fixed».
We looked at each other, I saw her beautiful eyes and very pleasant smile. And then I kissed her lips.
«Do not», she said. She was angry at something.
We made a few pictures in memory of us and I kissed her again.
She looked at me and said goodbye, but I don't let her go.
«I must go now», she said, kissed me and get away.
I looked at her, closed my eyes and said
«That's it! I am overboard again»...
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